Priory Holme, Kersey (Sleeps 6)

Priory Holme, Kersey (Sleeps 6) - Jan 9, 2017

"A charming cottage, which was very cosy and had a lot of atmosphere - perfect for a New Year weekend break. Some holiday cottages at this time of year can seem a bit bleak but certainly not Priory Ho... read more

River View, Pin Mill (Sleeps 4)

River View, Pin Mill (Sleeps 4) - Jan 9, 2017

"Cosy and tastefully decorated cottage - lovely log burners warm and nice bedrooms and great bath! Unlimited supply of logs at a reasonable price." - January 2017 → read more

Priory Holme, Kersey (Sleeps 6)

Priory Holme, Kersey (Sleeps 6) - Dec 22, 2016

"The cottage was an absolute delight, situated in a place than can only be described as perfect. We awoke on the Sunday morning to sunshine streaming through the window, burning off the night's frost.... read more

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